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5 Elements Godai Challenge (ごだい)

Embark on the 5 Elements Godai Challenge (ごだい), a captivating journey inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Godai. Experience the essence and power of Earth (地 Chi), Water (水 Mizu), Fire (火 Ka), Wind (風 Kaze), and Void (空 Sora) through a series of distances designed to test your limits and enrich your spirit.

  • Earth 地 Chi: 5KM - Begin your journey with stability and endurance, embracing the grounding force of Earth to start strong.
  • Water 水 Sui: 10KM - Flow with adaptability and resilience, as Water teaches us to move with grace and strength through challenges.
  • Fire 火 Ka: 21KM (Coming Soon) - Ignite your inner fire, pushing through half a marathon with the passion and intensity of Fire, fueling your determination.
  • Wind 風 Kaze: 42KM (Coming Soon) - Embrace change and freedom, letting the swiftness of Wind carry you through a full marathon, soaring beyond limits.
  • Void 空 Sora: 50KM (Coming Soon) - Reach the pinnacle of your challenge with Void, embodying the essence of creativity and potential in a 50KM journey that transcends the elements.

Join us in a quest that not only tests physical prowess but also celebrates the profound connection between nature and the human spirit. Lace up for the 5 Elements Virtual Race and unlock the elemental balance within.

5 Elements Challenge: Chi (地) Singlet


5 Elements Challenge: Sui (水) Singlet