Ride for Rations 2020

Ride for Rations 2020

Thu 24 Sep, 2020 to Sun 27 Sep, 2020

Malacca to Singapore - 250KM
16 192, Melaka, Malaysia
About This Race

Challenge Yourself for a Charitable Cause. Put an end to hunger!

Ride for Rations is a fund-raising initiative that involves long-distance endurance non-competitive cycling. 2020 will be the 10th Anniversary of Ride for Rations (RfR). It will involve 2 days of cycling from Malaysia to Singapore. For those who would like to go a longer distance, a 3-day option is available.

Funds raised are transmitted to Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd, a registered charity. The funds are used to provide monthly food rations and breakfast rations to the needy identified by Sunlove. RfR 2020 aims to provide monthly food rations to at least 440 households and at least 200 breakfast rations for school-going children from April 2021 to March 2022. More families in these or other estates will be able to receive rations if sufficient funds are raised. Each package of breakfast rations costs $25.

The beneficiaries are households who reside in 1-room rental flats in Chai Chee, Hougang, Marsiling, Whampoa and Woodlands. They are families or individuals who long to have 3 square meals a day; who scrimp through the little if any means they have to meet their daily basic needs, who sorely are not getting sufficient nutrition due to the lack of proper food. Many of the beneficiaries are aged or have various health and medical issues and are in need of help.

Help a fellow human see the better side of you; Share your blessing with the less fortunate.

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16 192, Melaka

To be announced

To be announced
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Date and Location

a. Option 1: 24-27 Sept -350km, Port Dickson to Singapore

b. Option 2: 25-27 Sept - 250km, Melaka to Singapore


1. What is Ride for Rations 2020?

Ride for Rations 2020 is a fund-raising initiative that involves non-competitive 2 or 3 days of cycling. 

Option 1* 

24 September 2020 Coaches transport participants to Port Dickson 

25 September 2020 Participants cycle from Port Dickson to Melaka (Distance: 80-120km)

26 September 2020 Participants cycle from Melaka to Batu Pahat (Distance: 100-110km)

27 September 2020 Participants cycle from Batu Pahat to Singapore (Distance: 140-160km)

Option 2*

25 September 2020 Coaches transport participants to Melaka

26 September 2020 Participants cycle from Melaka to Batu Pahat (Distance: 100-110km)

27 September 2020 Participants cycle from Batu Pahat to Singapore (Distance: 140-160km)

*subject to a minimum of 21 participants who can cycle independently at rolling speed of 25 km/h independently.

2. What does Ride for Ration aim to achieve?

a. It is aimed at raising funds that will be utilised to provide monthly rations for up to a year to at least 440 households and breakfast rations for at least 200 school going children in Singapore. These families reside in 1-2 room rental flats in Chai Chee, Hougang, Marsiling, Whampao and Woodlands. 

i. These will be provided from April 2021 to March 2022. The rations may be provided to more beneficiaries in these estates if the funds raised are sufficient for this.

b. It aims to raise a total of $429,600 consisting of $369,600 for the monthly rations and $60,000 for the breakfast rations.

i. The number of food rations (440) is an increase of 15% from the numbers supported in the year 2017.

c. The residents are means assessed by the outreach of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd, a public registered charity. The funds raised will be transmitted to Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed who will be the custodian of the funds and ensure they are used for the above purposes.

3. How do i register for Ride for Rations 2020?

Registering for Ride for Rations is based on the acceptance of the Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity below. Please note that the registration fees are not tax-exempted. To register, please click on "Register for event". You will be prompted to fill in the registration fields after you make payment.

For more details on the event, please refer to:

Indemnity Form



If you encounter any issues during registration or have any queries, please feel free to contact Lai Hsia (laihsia@gmail.com) or Shireen (shireenkhanalim@gmail.com).

4. What is the commitment involved of Ride for Rations 2020?

a. Each participant must raise a minimum of S$700/- in funds for the cause mentioned in 1 above.

b. Each participant must pay the registration fees as mentioned in point 8 below.

c. First RfR time participant need to also fulfill the condition in point 5 below.

5. Compulsory Conditions for first time participant in RfR: they must

a. Clear the readiness evaluation (likely to be held in either June/July 2020) to assure organisors that they are physically conditioned for the event. This will also allow cyclists to gauge their level of physical readiness and use this knowledge to prepare themselves for the physical demands of the ride.

b. Attend a compulsory briefing on the purpose of RfR. This briefing will be conducted in April-May-June 2020 at the rations distribution venue in Chai Chee or Marsiling or elsewhere as will be informed accordingly.

c. Participate in at least 2 rations distributions by August 2020 at 2 of the estates being supported through RfR 2020, specifically either at Chai Chee, Hougang or Marsiling.

In ability to undertake the above may lead to participant being disqualified from participating in RfR 2020. The conditions mentioned in point 15 below will apply in this case with regards to the registration fee and funds raised. (Honestly, we have never been so mean despite this clause.)

6. What can I participate as in Ride for Rations 2020?

a. Participants can be cyclists (which is limited to 150 participants); support crew, or fund-raiser.

i. As we need support cars, support crew will be accepted as follows:

1. Support crew participant must be willing to drive a passenger car that will be used to transport the cyclists' bags from Melaka to Batu Pahat to Singapore; provide refreshments to cyclists, and that need to have a space for at least 2 cyclists who may not be able to cycle for technical or medical reasons during RfR. 

2. It is preferred if the support crew has his/her own car for the above purpose.

3. Such a support crew, i.e. with a car, can have at least 1 other passenger to assist him/her for the support crew role, preferably someone who can drive.

4. The organisors may assign at least 1 medic to be transported by a support crew with car for the purpose of providing medical coverage during RfR, up to a maximum of 2 cars.

5. The organisors may assign at least 1 technical support to be transported by a support crew with car for the purpose of providing technical support coverage during RfR, up to a maximum of 2 cars.

7. Who can participate in Ride for Rations 2020?

a. Participation in RfR is subject to participant acknowledging their medical and physical fitness to be able to participate in RfR 2020; the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the event; and accepting to indemnify the organisors and, or their agents both of which are as indicated at the point of registration and agreed upon by participants at the point of registration.

b. Participants must be at least 21 years in age at point of registration.

c. The key objective is raising of funds for charity. Thus Ride for Rations 2020 is non-competitive and is targeted at amateur cyclists. Support train provided is planned based on this premise and as such targeted at the average ability cyclists.

d. Past participants have ranged from ironman contestants, cycling enthusiasts, cycling amateurs to beginners.

e. Cyclists are personally responsible for ensuring that they are medically and physical certified fit to be able to cycle in such endurance event.

f. Participants also need to have their own bicycle that is properly equipped and configured for such event.

g. Organisors reserve the right to deny participants from participating in the interest of the participants own and others safety.

8. What is the cost for participating in Ride for Rations 2020?

a. Based on the philosophy of all funds raised being given to the identified charity, cost relating to the organisation will be borne by participants.

b. Cyclist and support crew will have to pay

Option 1 [Port Dickson - Melaka - Batu Pahat - Singapore]

- S$400 for double room accomodation

- S$510 for single room accomodation

Option 2 [Melaka - Batu Pahat - Singapore]

- S$300 for double room accommodation

- S$370 for single room accommodation

i. In situations where the assigned room-mate, including where participant has indicated their preferred room-mate, is not able to participate in Ride for Rations 2020, organisors will re-allocate the rooming based on double accommodation. If a participant prefers to not have such a change, which would effectively make his/her accommodation into a single accommodation, the participant has to pay the difference in cost between the fees for single and double accommodation.

ii. The above is done as we would like to minimise cost such that cost savings can be passed to the beneficiary if any.

iii. Drivers providing vehicular support will receive a token sum of S$60.00 (Singapore Sixty dollars only), which will be given after the ride.

d. The above fees exclude any charges imposed by banks, credit card companies and online payment service providers arising from the registration and payment portal charges.

e. The above fees are of expenses related to the Ride as explained below – point 15. The organisors are made up entirely of volunteers who receive no remuneration.

f. Participants agree that all unused registration fees will be donated to the cause or charity that is being supported.

9. Why is there a cost for participation in Ride for Rations 2020?

a. This is to ensure that 100% of funds raised are used for the charitable cause. The registration fees are used for the organisational cost as indicated in detail below. The organisational planning and organising is undertaken by volunteers at no cost.

10. Why is there an increase in the registration fees for RfR 2020 vis-a-vis RfR 2017?

a. Whilst the fees for RfR since 2013-2017 were constant over the years, the organising committee noticed that is a need to increase the fees due to rising cost such as the introduction of GST or SST in Malaysia, tourism tax, the rise in hotel room charges, introduction of VEP fees (impacting support crew) and the need to secure services of medics and tech support amongst others. This increase was planned to be introduced for the Melaka - Batu Pahat - Singapore route of RfR since 2018.

11. How do I pay for Ride for Rations 2020 registration fee?

a. Payment will be made at the point of registration through the registration portal.

12. What are the ways funds are to be raised?

a. The raising of funds has to be done on a private basis where cyclists can approach friends, acquaintances, family, relatives, colleagues, etc. Funds cannot be raised by approaching members of public.

b. Funds raised through RfR 2020 are tax exempt for donations of S$25/- and above. Fund raisers are responsible for ensuring that accurate details for tax exemption purpose (e.g. official name & tax reference number) are obtained and written legibly in the pledge card where failure do so will affect eligibility for tax exempt.

c. Registrants will be given a pledge card, which is serialised. The cards will be distributed during the rations distribution held monthly at Marsiling or Chai Chee or during the training rides. Alternative arrangements can also be made with Organising Committee to collect at other times/location.

d. Arrangements have been made with an online donation portal “Give.asia” to facilitate online format of fund raising. Whilst Give.asia does not charge for this service, donors will need to pay a small charge imposed by credit card companies.Thus, the net amount that goes to Sunlove is about 98% of the donation. Funds collected through this will be transmitted directly to Sunlove with monthly summaries provided to Sunlove of the collection.

i. URL will be provided in due time to registered participants.

13. Will there be training sessions conducted for cyclists?

a. Monthly training rides will be arranged. Training rides may likely end at the Sunlove Neighbourhood Links during the monthly rations distribution. Details will be emailed to registrants.

14. What is the route?

a. The exact route will be finalised nearer to the ride date. By and large, the route will be along the trunk roads between the two towns / cities. The roads are relatively well paved. 

15. What does the registration fee cover?

a. Transport to Melaka

i. Coach(es) will be arranged for transport of cyclist and bicycles from Singapore to Melaka on Friday 25 September 2020 departing by 9 am at the latest.

ii. Those participating in Port Dickson option, coach(es) will depart on Thursday 24 September 2020 by 9 am.

b. Accommodation

i. Accommodation for Melaka on Friday 25 September 2020 (and in Port Dickson on Thursday 24 September for those participating in Port Dickson option)

ii. Accommodation in Batu Pahat on Saturday 26 September 2020

c. Meals

i. Breakfast and dinner on Saturday 26 September is provided. Breakfast for Sunday 27 September is provided.

ii. Mineral Water & Isotonic drinks for cyclists along the route will be provided.

iii. Lunch on 25 - 27 September will be at cyclists' and support crew’s own expense. Lunch point will be identified and marked. Everyone is advised to bring along some Malaysian ringgit currency for this (& rest points) and other personal refreshment they wish to have. There are plenty of stalls en-route.

d. Commercially purchased travel insurance for the event

e. 1 cycling jersey

f. Post-ride appreciation dinner

16. What happens if I have to cancel my participation?

a. Participants must submit the funds raised as it is meant to help the needy.

b. Refund Conditions

  • In case of withdrawal of participants, there will be no refund of registration fee. For participants who withdraw prior to July 2020, he/she can provide a replacement for his/her place. The replacement must meet all the criteria laid in the Rules and Regulations. Provision of jersey for the replacement is not guaranteed and is subject to the timeline and processes stipulated by the jersey supplier, which is beyond the organisor’s control. No replacement is permitted for withdrawals from August 2020 onwards.)

  • All registration fees less expenses incurred for RfR 2020 up to the point of withdrawal in the above condition, will be donated to the cause Ride for Rations is supporting.

c. The same applies in case of registered participants being disqualified from participation due to their not fulfilling the commitments required such as the minimum fund raising requirement or participation in ration distribution.

17. What is the equipment provided for Ride for Rations 2020?

a. Cyclists are to bring their own bikes and other personal specific equipment including spares.

b. Cyclists must put on a helmet at all times when cycling.

c. Tri bikes and recumbents are not permitted for safety reasons.

d. Foldie bicycles may not be permitted in group 1 to 4 (or as will be decided on confirmation of grouping) for safety reasons.

e. Support vehicles will accompany the cyclists to provide refreshment, medical support and mechanical assistance and support. Spare tubes will be available at a charge.

18. Will there be a briefing?

a. A briefing will be organised nearer to the ride. Details will be sent via email.

b. All first time participants must attend the briefing as condition of participation.

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