International Women's Day Online Race 2019

Fri, 8 Mar 2019 to Mon, 18 Mar 2019
3.8km 10km 21.1km

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Run for balance, run for equality. International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women - while also making a call to action for accelerating gender balance.

So put your hands out and make International Women's Day YOUR day with a run with friends, family or colleagues and truly make a positive difference for women everywhere. Raise awareness, celebrate an achievement or rally for change. The future is exciting. Let's help forge a more gender-balanced world.


Complete in single or multiple run/walk

Registration Ends On

05 Mar 2019, 08:00 Asia/Singapore or while slots last

Submission Period

08 Mar 2019, 0000hrs to 18 Mar 2019, 2359hrs

How Does It Work?

This is an Online event. An Online event is a challenge or race that allows you to run or walk anywhere around the world during the event period – no specific starting time or starting place, alone or with friends and even at another race!

  1. Sign up for an online challenge/race at Spacebib
  2. Complete the challenge/race using a GPS-enabled running app, sport wearable/device or treadmill to track your run/walk at anywhere and anytime during the event period
  3. Get your awards and race entitlements via delivery after you have submitted your results and are validated by us

Empowering International Women's Day Finisher Medals

Dimension: 56mm, 3mm in thickness
Plating: 3D + Distance Laser Engraving Metal
21.1KM: Antique Gold

10KM: Antique Silver
3.8KM: Antique Bronze

Finisher Tee (Free Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia Delivery)

Material: Premium Dryfit. Anti-bacterial, Quick drying. Moisture-Wicking. 100% Polyester, Stretchable and Breathable
Designer: Spacebib
Type: 3 Distances, 3.8KM FINISHER, 10KM FINISHER, 21.1KM FINISHER, Female Cutting
Price: Tee usual selling price: $49. Now included in the classic package for 29.98!
Estimated Arrival: Shipped together with medal 1 -2 days after event ends
Return Policy: Non-Returnable, Non-Refundable
Shipping: Global (Free Singapore delivery. Shipping Rates Varies For Orders Outside of Singapore)

Finisher tee will be sent after event date.
Actual Size may have +/- 1 to 2 cm variation from the size chart below. Participants are advised to select the sizing carefully during registration to avoid any sizing issues. No returns or edit of sizing is possible after event start date. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Finisher tee will ONLY be awarded if you have successfully completed the challenge.

Size (Female Cutting) Premium DryfitHalf Chest Length (Inches)Half Waist Length (Inches)Shirt Length (Inches)

In support of International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2019 provides an important and exciting opportunity for celebrating women's achievements, raising awareness, reinforcing commitment to diversity and inclusion, calling for action and helping forge gender parity.

Official Race Ambassador: Sarah Ravindran

A published author of two e-books titled “Beginner’s Guide to Clean Eating” and “Eating Clean Made Easy” and a black belt karate teacher, Sarah is an advocate for healthy living. She runs an Instagram page with over 1.6 million followers, on which she shares about her fitness regime, lifestyle and diet. 

However, it's does not seem as good as now a couple of years back, she developed a serious eating disorder which resulting in her almost losing her life. At her lowest, the Malaysian-born medical student weighed only 30kgs with a BMI of 10, at which point she was admitted to hospital.

Since then, she has been in recovery and have gained more than 20kgs. However, her story is so much more than a physical transformation. It is about mental liberation from a mindset that held her and many women out there from so many opportunities, that destroyed so many relationships and that deprived them of happiness for a long time.

On International Women's Day this year, despite her young age, Sarah will be participating in our International Women's Day Online Race to inspire and help others in the same situation as she was, along with raising awareness around what a serious mental illness an eating disorder can be.

Connect with Sarah on Instagram @sarahav, and read more about her victory over eating disorder at a RunSociety interview.

Official Event Beneficiary

Spacebib is pleased to support AWARE with a S$1 (for basic category) and S$3 (for classic category) donation for each participant who completes this International Women's Day Online Race respectively.

AWARE is Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group. We believe in the rights of women and men to make informed and responsible choices about their lives and to have equal opportunities in education, marriage and employment, and in the right of women to control their own bodies, particularly with regard to sexual and reproductive rights.

AWARE is dedicated to removing gender-based barriers and works to identify and eliminate these barriers through research and advocacy, education and training and support services.

Visit Aware website| Follow them on Instagram | Like them on Facebook

Official Rules

Challenge yourself and with others, have fun and be safe. Use common sense and exercise vigilant when it comes to traffic, weather, or other conditions while taking part in our online race/challenge.

  • Challenge yourself and with others, invite your friends, have fun and be safe. Use common sense and exercise vigilant when it comes to traffic, weather, or other conditions while taking part in our online race/challenge.
  • Awards will only be issued when you complete the online race/challenge based on the criteria. Challenge yourself with integrity and honour, don’t cheat yourself or others!
  • Change of category from classic to basic, refund and/or transfer is not allowed after registration. If you wish to upgrade from a basic category to classic category, please get in touch with our support.
  • All nationalities are welcome to join the online race/challenge unless stated otherwise.
  • Any breach or failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of the online race/challenge will result in no entitlement being awarded with no refund.
  • Account may be suspended if fraudulent results are discovered.
  • Please ensure that the required details are indicated in your submitted result screenshot. 1) Date of your activity, 2) Duration Timing of your activity and 3) Total Distance clocked for your activity. Some online race/challenge may require additional details such as the GPS route map, etc. Please refer to the event description for more information. Any missing details may render your submission to be invalid and ineligible for the entitlement.
  • All participants should upload their results via their own Spacebib account personally.
  • There will be no submission of results after the stipulated upload cut-off date. No appeal shall be entertained. Please plan your time accordingly.
  • You can complete the race/challenge in a single time or in a combination of multiple times accumulated during the qualifying period as indicated in the criteria for each category.
  • You can upload and submit your results as many times as you wish at any time and frequency you prefer during the event period.
Things You Should Know
1. When will I receive my finisher medal and/or tee? (For paid event only.)

Your physical finisher entitlements will be sent out after the event ends. For Singapore, estimated delivery time is 5 - 14 business days. For other countries, it may take up to 10 - 21 business days. Depending on the country.

2. How much is the shipping or delivery fee?

We offer FREE delivery to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. For other countries, the shipping fee is a flat rate of SGD 5.99 or SGD 9.99. Shipping fees will be automatically included during checkout.

3. How to upload and submit my results?

You will be able to submit your result once the race period opens. Please log in to your Spacebib account. Head over to "My Participation" tab, click on it and you will see your registered event. Click on the manage button to open up the event details. You will see an "Add Result" button, click on it and follow the instruction to upload your the screenshot of your result. Once you have completed the race/challenge, a message will be shown.

4. Can I walk or hike or climb the stairs?

Yes, any walking/running activities can be counted. (That includes climbing stairs) Cycling/Biking or using any mobility device is not allowed.

5. What Running app/Fitness tracker or wearable can I use?

Any GPS-based running apps, running gadgets, smartwatches and indoor treadmills are accepted if the screenshot of your result capture the date, distance and timing of your activity unless specifically indicated. E.g: Nike+ Run Club, Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Runtastic and others.

6. Can I run on a treadmill or indoors?

Yes, running on a treadmill is allowed but no encouraged. Please provide your distance and timing of your run by taking a photo of the display screen on your treadmill. Running indoors is allowed if your GPS running app can track your result.

7. Can I join more than one category and use the same results screenshots?

Yes. You can join as many categories as you wish. You can use the same results screenshots as long as it satisfied the result criteria and is within the event period.

3.8km 10km 21.1km

Free Shipping. Depending on your country. Learn more.
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