9th Kure Tobishima Islands Marathon 2018

9th Kure Tobishima Islands Marathon 2018

Sun 25 Feb, 2018

Kenmin no Hama (Hiroshima Prefectural Beach)
7605 Oura Kamagari-cho, Kure City, Japan
About This Race

The first of its kind! This is the only race in Japan where you can race through five islands. Enjoy the scenic view of the Seto Inland Sea from "Akinada Tobishima Kaido," the seaside road famous for their lemons!

25 Feb, 2018, Sun, 10:00 am JST

Kenmin no Hama (Hiroshima Prefectural Beach)

25 Feb, 2018, Sun, 10:30 am JST

Kenmin no Hama (Hiroshima Prefectural Beach)

To be announced

To be announced
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Awards1st to 3rd place overall (For each Category)
Race GuideRace guide will be sent two weeks before the day of race.
Runers Check-inFrom: 8:00 to 9:30, February 25
Location: Kenmin no Hama (Hiroshima Prefectural Beach)
Address: 7605 Oura Kamagari-cho, Kure City
Time LimitThe full marathon (42.195km) time limit will be 5 hour and 30 minutes.
There will be no time limit for 10km


RangeHeight (cm)Chest Circumference

※ When T shirt size is not filled at the time of application, men will be L, female will be M. 
※ You can not change the size after application. 
※ For families (parent-child pair), participation award T-shirt becomes 1 sheet.


Transportation Facilities90 minutes by bus from JR Hiroshima Station.
60 minutes by bus from Kure Government Office.
60 minutes by ferry from Kure Chuo Sanbashi (Kure Central Pier).
70 minutes from Takaya IC of Sanyo Expressway (Toll fees are charged on Akinada Ohashi Bride)
OtherFree shuttle buses are available from parking lot

Hiroshima / Kure Naoyuki Bus and Express Boat

Entree Fee for marathon is not included in the price of Hiroshima / Kure Naoyuki bus and express boat.

Application for Hiroshima / Kure Naoyuki bus and express boat will be closed in advance on Saturday, February 10th.
For more enquires, please contact Hiroden China Newspaper Travel
Tel: 0823-22-4905

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